Pandemic Parents

Pandemic Parents

“Every mom at the end of their pandemic pregnancy.

In one way or another we are and will always be knit together by one common thread—experiencing pregnancy during a global pandemic.

There were moments that seemed like we were so alone.

There were days that all we did was lay on the bed and hold our belly a little tighter.

Recording the heartbeat at appointments for our husbands/partners/spouses became our ‘new norm’.

We celebrated our baby’s arrival over computer screens and drive by showers.

We balanced pregnant hormones with pandemic worries and were tested emotionally in so many ways.

Our birth plans were rewritten, changed or completely dissolved due to the restrictions.

But as we left the hospital with our babies in our arms it seems as if everything that was taken from us throughout the past few months had been given back to us ten fold.

We did it mommas!

We rise up victoriously with a shared bond that unites us near and far.

Share below 👇🏼when you delivered your pandemic baby and who your little blessing is!👶🏻Lets celebrate God’s unwavering love and our strength together🎉”

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15 thoughts on “Pandemic Parents

  1. I’m Tor! I delivered my 3rd child, a baby boy on 4/20/2020. Everything was going smoothly, until after delivery I began to develop a fever. My husband was told to leave, my baby was taken from me, and my comfortable suite became a tiny isolation room. After being tested I was alone (no husband, no baby, no nurse) for 24hrs until my tests results came back negative. It was the most frustrating and lonely 24hrs of my life. All I wanted was to nurse my baby and have skin to skin. I couldn’t wait to go home to my husband and baby.

  2. We welcomed our pandemic baby girl on 4/16/20 talk about heartache and happy heart all in ONE BIG DAY! A c-section that I recorded on my own since my husband wasn’t allowed. I also started texting my parents while baby was getting wiped off to let them know she was out. I did all my own updates while my uterus was out of my body. It was absolutely crazy! But I recorded the first time I laid my eyes on my sweet precious and last baby from my point of view which is also amazing!

  3. Our first child, Elias – born 6/16/2020. It was tough seeing my husband leave after delivery but we had 2 full hours together and I had two days at the hospital to do nothing but spend time with my son. Different kind of blessings in the pandemic!

  4. I’m Gabbie, my daughter Addison was born on March 6th, 2020. She was born exactly one week before the shutdown started. My lane with her was rough, I had a failed induction for pre-eclampsia that ended up in an unplanned c section. When the shutdown started I was Ali e with a brand new baby, I felt very alone and isolated. I’m grateful for the extra bonding time that I got with my daughter, but mentally it took a toll me on me. Now I’m back at work (part-time in an urgent care) and my daughter is as happy and healthy as can me, and along with my husband we’re enjoying our precious baby girl.

  5. Had my 2nd little boy, Mateo on 3/23/20 at 31 weeks, right when everything was shutting down. I was allowed 1 parent, instead of 2 in the room and had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life 💔. Have Bio dad in the room or my spouse… I chose my spouse but I still live with the guilt of not being able to have him there too. Mateo was in the NICU for 5 weeks and I went everyday to see him, as I was the only person allowed to visit, once a day. This birth and pregnancy has been emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausting. I have come to face my fears, deal with postpartum depression for the first time and had to pick myself up off the floor every day.

    Little by little things got easier and looking back everything has come full circle. I am blessed to be home with a healthy, little boy. No matter what was going on, I was surrounded by support from the nurses, my friends and family, and my extended community. People pitched it with gifts and gentle used items, since I didn’t get to have a baby shower, nor could I go to the store. I am extremely thankful for the love, compassion and kindness I have been shown. Faith in humanity has been restored ✨

  6. Delivered my sweet baby boy on April 9 via induction, after 4 days of labor he was here and spent another 3 days in the hospital NICU. A whole week of being in the hospital later, we were released. Coming home to quarantine was both a blessing and a curse! We were able to enjoy our time as a family of three and get into our own rhythm of things, but we couldn’t introduce our babe to the world, let alone his elderly grandparents (my in laws didn’t meet their first grandchild until he was almost 2 weeks old!) We love our sweet boy and obviously wouldn’t have it any other way, because we don’t know any different anyways! 🙂

  7. I gave birth to my 3rd daughter, Josephine, via c section on May 30th. Not only was it a scary time because of the pandemic, it was also one of the first nights of the riots and protests which were happening not far from the hospital that I delivered. As scary as it was, it was empowering! We accomplished something that’s already difficult and we did it during a pandemic!

  8. Odin came into this world 6/17-during riots, Arizona was on fire and of course the pandemic. Makes for some good stories to tell him when he gets older.

  9. I’m Kate, and our first little Phoebe was born in March just as things were beginning to peak here in Canada! We chose her name for the bright light she brought into our lives in the midst of such a dark, scary time, and her powerful personality that shone through even in the womb and had led me to choose not really choosing a birth plan.
    We always knew she’d come when she was ready and I constantly meditated on what I hoped her birth would be – serene, so she would arrive to a welcoming, nurturing place in the midst of all the insanity. The doctor that examined me when we went to the hospital after my water broke informed me that if I was to stay (I was strep-b negative) they would start me on an oxytocin drip, which was fine with me as while I stood in the exam room I could feel the contractions starting to become more intense and arrive much quicker! In less than an hour I went from 10 minute gaps to 4 minutes, and had no problem accepting the walking epidural when it was offered to me.
    The room was quiet and the nurses so supportive and comforting. It turns out I even knew one from a job I’d had a few years back which only made me feel more calm. The night passed by quickly as I lay in the big bed, a soft glow lighting the room just enough that those with me could work and my amazing husband could stay and sleep (he didn’t).

    At about 4am I said I could feel something, a pressure that I hadn’t felt before and when the nurses checked me Phoebe was ready to come! I was able to get up and use the washroom, and by the time I was back at the bed I was trembling with Adrenalin and the excitement of finally getting to meet our little girl. The doctor came directly from another birth happening down the hall – and after just three contractions and 9 minutes of pushing our pink, screaming, tiny bundle of joy had joined us and made our family that much more happy.

    To be honest that was the easiest part of her arrival. Due to the shape of my breasts and Phoebe’s teeny mouth (she was a petite 6lb 9oz) establishing a good latch was difficult. I was in agony, and not being able to have any family members there to support us was utterly heartbreaking for so many reasons. My husband was absolutely incredible, getting up with me and massaging my swollen legs while I cried as Phoebe fed, and there is no doubt in my mind I would have lost it if it hadn’t been for him.

    The pandemic has slowed in our area and we’ve now been allowed to introduce Phoebe to our parents and siblings, and despite the shadows that loom the bright spots (the brightest being her) have made this experience so unique and so wonderful.

  10. I had my daughter, Autumn, on 6/26/2020. The shutdown started at the end of my 2nd trimester. At first it was relieving to just be able to rest at home and be able to focus on preparing for birth (especially since most classes were canceled). It got more disappointing when my baby shower was rescheduled and made virtual. It was hard to realize my friends and family would never be able to feel her kicks. All I wanted to do was shop for baby things but it felt dangerous. I got a rapid results covid test while in labor which luckily wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and came back negative! This meant my husband and doula were allowed to stay with me. I am most grateful for that and for their support because I know not everyone else has had that lately (which is wrong to me… everyone needs and deserves at least one support person). Happy my baby could stay with me and that she’s been able to safely meet family and a few friends!

  11. My baby boy is due Nov 15. My entire pregnancy has been during this pandemic. It has been a crazy and unforgettable experience. Everything was just starting to shut down right when we found out we were pregnant. This is our first so it was disappointing to not be able to share the news with family and friends in normal ways (there were a lot of zoom and Skype calls). I worry every day about the virus and how it might impact the baby and what things will be like by Nov. But I’m so excited for this journey and cannot wait to meet my son in a few more months!

  12. Delivered my first baby on 4/27/20. Everything shut down about a month before so I was able to work remotely up til delivery date. That was nice cuz no one wants to try and dress up for work at 9 months pregnant. Also could do more yoga and stretching during the workday! Dr appts got weird toward the end…no one could come with me, had to call in from parking lot and be let in back door cuz they didn’t want ppl in waiting room. Dr wanted to induce me early because they thought the virus was peaking and they were worried about room in the hospital (little did they know July would actually be the worst). Husband was able to be with me thankfully but couldn’t leave. We spent three days and two nights in our recovery room. Couldn’t walk anywhere or even get our own water. But it was a nice time to bond. We didn’t even turn the tv on once while in the hospital. Staring at our beautiful baby boy was all we needed. Having both of us home for maternity leave was amazing and now I’ve returned to work it’s still remote and his schoolyear got pushed back so we’ve really been able to spend some good quality time with our baby. Amazing to watch him grow and change literally everyday. We’ll be able to delay putting him in daycare which is also a blessing. Overall, I think that while there were certainly challenges with having a pandemic baby, there’s also lots to be grateful for!

  13. Davids birth story
    The night before David’s birth Marcos and I laughed so hard we thought we could induce contractions from so much laughter. Milo was so close to me, wanting to comfort me at every second. We knew that something was up, but I had only felt false labor pains. Marcos and I went straight to sleep after I felt Braxton Hicks and thought we would still need to wait for baby Davids arrival. But we were wrong !
    Around 6 am, I woke up with terrible pain, it lasted about 30-50 seconds. I thought there was no need for me to wake up marcos if these were just false labor pains. Turns out that around 6:50am I has another contractions, and another one at 6:54, 6:58, 7:10, 7:16, 7:22… and you got the gist. Well I thought I had time to think things through, so my hair and make up. And boy!!! I was wrong, AGAIN. 😂 We arrived at the hospital around 8:40am, and unfortunately Marcos was unable to come up with me, that crushed my soul, I cried at the lobby and had to catch my breath in between each contraction, alone. It was not a fun moment. I came up to the OBGYN floor and needed to register, get a room, be tested for COVID and have a blood sample given before my husband could accompany me anywhere. Mind you, I am in between very close contractions and in a lot of pain. So when I get to triage, I find out I was 5cm dilated, this is around 9am. This also was not a fun part of my day. From going into triage alone, to the delivery room alone, to the next delivery room alone was the worst feeling. I begged the nurse to please get my husband, I needed support and I was in so much pain! As we waited for results and the anesthesiologist to help with my pain, I felt so much pain and it was only getting harder to breathe. The nurse decided to check me and I was 7cm dilated at 10:11am. This was going fast and the only thought I had was, if I make Marcos miss his first born’s birth, he will never forgive me. I begged and cried to the nurse to please help me. All she could do to calm me is to get the epidural team right away to help my pain. I was angry, frustrated, hurt, and needless to say I felt alone. As soon as I told Marcos I was 7cm dilated, he raced through the parking lot, got my room number and came to meet me right away. The anesthesiologist came in and my husband walked in right after, a wind of relief rushed over me. As they are applying the epidural for the second time, the only thing could walk in my mind was, praise God. I sang all the names that explained God’s nature. God my healer, God my justice, Elohim, Sovereign, governor of my soul, prince of peace, the pastor of Israel, the guardian of Zion, morning star, provider, my peace, God that is all powerful, all knowing AND always present. That soothes me into getting an epidural while having contractions. As soon as I was done with the epidural the doctor came in the room and the first thing she says is “hi mama, unfortunately, we have bad news.” And when you hear that you think of the worst but I never thought that I would hear what she was about to say. She said “we have your results back from COVID-19 and you tested positive.” My world sunk from the my chest to the foundation of the hospital I was being treated in. I felt like I was in the middle of those movie scenes where you hear the background but you don’t process all of the information that they’re giving you. I cried more than I could’ve ever cried in my life because my husband wasn’t going to be able to be in a room with me I wasn’t going to be able to hold my baby and I also would be alone for one of the hardest moments of my life. The doctor then rremoved me from the delivery room to a special delivery room. As I pass my husband giving me all of the hospital bags I nneed, all we have the chance to say is “I love you.” The guilt, the shame, the unexpected results after being tested negative 2 weeks before, could not have made me feel worst. At 12:02pm I felt every contraction and every pain and every possible terrible sensation of labor, without the physical help I needed. The pain was getting worst and I still could feel so much pain even when the epi was at its highest level. By feeling so much pressure to push, the nurse came to check me and I was fully dilated, 10cm. I didn’t know what I should do, I felt joy but fear as I try to relaxed between each breath and contraction. The nurses would cheer me on in each push, and one of them held my phone for Marcos to be present at least on FaceTime. Each push felt endless and not strong enough for the baby to be out. I pushed and the doctor kept saying “you have to be stronger and your push needs to be harder. You can do this” I hear how great I’m doing from my husband and nurses. I felt so out of breath and lacking the strength needed for all that they asked me to do. My IVY link came out from so much straining and sweat, the nurse didn’t know if she should hold my leg or hold my hand or link the ivy back in my veins. The blood of each push was rushed to my head and I felt my pressure rising without strength to leave any force out of my body. I needed to push so hard, beyond the strength I could ever think to have. I said God please help me, I can’t do it alone. As soon as I said that, I felt an urge to push beyond, to push the impossible. And with His strength, on July 18 of 2020, David Ottero Palacio was born at 12:57 PM with 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 20.5 inches in length. He was the most serene crying baby I had ever seen and God’s peace became my own. I gazed at my husband and I couldn’t believe that we made such a beautiful baby boy, I’m so overjoyed! David, beloved, you are already so filled with testimonies. God has such a HUGE purpose for you. My handsome boy, we love you ❤️

    Baby David wanted to waste no time, the world becomes his canvas. Paint the nations for Jesus my son, you will have much love to share.

    My first stage of labor started at 6am, my active labor at 10am, my second stage at 12pm and my third stage at 1pm.

    Born at 12:57pm
    Weight of 6lb and 12 oz
    Measuring : 20.5 inches
    Music would be born to: Worship Medley Reckless Love / O Come To The Altar / Great Are You Lord by Tauren Wells

  14. We welcomed our first child on July 7th and of every emotion I have had being pregnant and giving birth during this pandemic, the joy that she brings me outweighs it all.

    We stayed in the hospital 4 days after delivering. For 4 days we could not leave our small room or have any visitors. On the 4th day they told us we had to leave, but that our baby must stay in the NICU. Due to the pandemic, only one parent could visit and only during feeding hours. Leaving her was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    We are blessed to have a healthy baby home with us now and send our thoughts and prayers to all families navigating these challenging times.

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