Funny Reasons Why Toddlers Had Meltdowns

Funny Reasons Why Toddlers Had Meltdowns

Toddler tantrums .. all we can say is WTF! We asked our community to share reasons why their toddlers had meltdowns. Let’s scroll and laugh together.

1. Because I gave him the wrong color imaginary balloon.. twice

2. I told her she couldn’t eat her toothpaste

3. He wanted to wear his snow pants to daycare…. it was 90 degrees outside

4. I wouldn’t let spray sunscreen in her mouth

5. I wouldn’t let her chew my toenails

6. I breathed

7. I told her I was going to the bathroom

8. I gave her a popsicle she asked for

9. I wouldn’t put on another pair of shoes over her shoes she had on

10. I wouldn’t let her drive to Nana’s.

11. Because HE fell asleep on the car ride

12. He didn’t want to drink the milk he asked for

13.My daughter wants to drive (now) (we live in Wisconsin) to Asia

14. Wouldn’t let her play with dog poo

15. Wouldn’t let her put her foot in her Mac and Cheese

16. Wouldn’t let her eat dog food

17. I wouldn’t let him put his hand in the toilet

18. There was a commercial between cocomelon episodes

19. I wouldn’t let her stab me with a pen

20 He wants me to turn the side he chooses while I’m driving

21. I sat on the wrong side of the couch 

22. I wouldn’t let him stick his finger in the dog’s butt

23. I wouldn’t let him wear one snow boot and one rainboot to the park today

24. I danced to the music in the car

25. She wanted toast but not toasted 

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