This shit is hard….

This shit is hard….


“This shit is hard…like real fucking hard.

Ladies I hope you’re not wanting some lovey dovey, soppy fucking post today coz let me tell you…You will not be getting it.

I absolute love, adore and can’t wait to meet my beautiful little boy in the next few weeks although I am seriously struggling now.

Don’t worry I do laugh it off, and think to myself shut up you whiny little bitch but I tell ya what….it just gets really hard lol.

So far this passed week I have complained about pretty much everything. Back aches, can’t breathe, constant pee’ing and not to mention the fact that I now wake every day to my son stretching inside me and booting me straight in the ribs; not to mention a new thing called lightning crotch where bubs head is so low he actually presses on a nerve that sends a sharp pain like a electric shock through your groin and it feels soooo strange, and completely takes my breath away. I went to hospital AGAIN on Saturday for horrible pains that were a lot like period pain. Don’t worry I don’t just run straight there every time something little happens, this was awful. It started at Breakfast the pains and gradually got worse and worse. Danny ran a bath for me as soon as we got home and when he walked in and noticed I just had pain written all over my face, he grabbed my yellow card and rang the birthing suite straight away.

He explained to them that I was very tight in the tummy, my pains resembled that of your monthly’s and were coming in 20-30 minute intervals. So instantly the midwife said “bring her straight here”. And off we went, once again to the hospital to see what the little fella was doing. And after being there for two hours, strapped to the monitors and having a lovely, handsome young male doctor come and do a internal examination (embarrassing AF to which Danny thought was hilarious because my Vag currently resembles the abandoned botanical gardens out western Sydney) he tells me that yes the monitor picked up some very small contractions which just turned out to be Severe Braxton hicks, and the pain was more ligament tears around my pelvis but my cervix was still nice and closed. and off we went, back home, red faced and tired. Danny still laughing of course at the fact that he got to watch me get “fingered” by some young dude. Thanks babe lol

Although I feel like Sydney’s  biggest sook or the girl who cried wolf, its nice that the midwives always remind me, if there is anything I am unsure of or any pains that it is totally okay to come straight in and see them. Its scary in these stages because you just have no idea, especially it being our first time and apparently I am just not in tune with my body at all. With us coming into the 33rd week, its all dawning on me that I really could pop at any time. Again, the doc explained to me that bubs head is super low but still mobile which means he’s not quite engaged yet but it can still happen at anytime. I just hope we get to atleast 36 weeks before he decides to make an appearance, or you never know, little fella might decide hes cosy and happy and just stay until 42 weeks. Who fucking knows…All I know is I’m currently at the point that if one more person pisses me off, I will lose my absolute shit lol I may look happy but hunny, I have pains right through my body, bugger all sleep and hormones running wild atm…so watch out!

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