Pregnancy body changes

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@ ameskiefer” Watching that scale go up like 😎 Ya’ll, I get it. Pregnancy weight gain and body changes can be mentally challenging. But, after gaining 40 pounds with Max, delivering a healthy baby boy, and then losing all of it (plus 5)…this time around I’m not sweating it. I know I’m eating well and working out. I know the most important thing is FOCUSING more on being HEALTHY and ACTIVE than on the number on the scale. At 17 weeks, I’m up 10 pounds. My friend at 15 weeks is up 15. My friend at 18 weeks is up 2. I wanted to add that because we’re all DIFFERENT mamas, don’t get caught up in scale or bump comparison. Focus on being healthy for you and your little because our end goal is the same: a healthy babe. ”

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