Growing bump

Today I’m 31 weeks. This was a fun little outake from my pregnancy progress photos. Baby girl is growing and her little house is getting all sorts of crowded. Going into the final stretch of this pregnancy is making me feel all the feels! While most of my emotion is pure happiness and excitement for our little girl’s arrival, there are some days where I get some pretty crazy anxiety. Fears about how my life is going to completely change with a child, how I will forever have this responsibility of a human life, and of course — the anxiety of how much my body has changed to accommodate this wonderful gift. And I’m not just talking about the obvious belly bump. A woman’s body goes through so much morphing when creating life inside her womb. It’s absolutely extraordinary and beautiful. With that said, the journey to recovery and getting the body that makes you happy back is just as nerve-racking. While I am confident and have so many amazing friends/family that have gone through this journey successfully (some even multiple times) and came out back to their fabulous selves — I still get a little scared of the hard work ahead. Regardless, my little girl comes first, and will always be my first priority. I can’t believe how happy she already makes me; even when she’s stretching her long limbs in both directions or head-butting my bladder. Her Daddy and I are absolutely stoked for her arrival and the adventures our little family will experience together.


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