Positivity & Pregnancy

“I started my business at a very young age, all alone, in a new city/country. Everyone around me told me it was impossible for me to make it. If I didn’t keep a positive attitude & kept pushing through, they would have been right, I wouldn’t have made it 💫 Pregnancy hasn’t been easy, and absolutely everyone around me thought I was lucky and I was having the easiest pregnancy ever 🙄 Nope. But keeping that same positive attitude and energy has helped me push through the harder days. I believe our babies feed off the energy we have, and with a positive mind, we can control our weaker emotions and live through the physical difficulties in a smoother way 🤰🏼 Right now, approaching labor, there are SO many woman (friends and random people) who come up to me and tell me how their births were so terrible/hard/long/miserable. I understand labor is going to be HARD WORK! But going into it with a negative attitude or fear won’t HELP me, it will just make the situation (whatever it may be) worse. So why let fear or negativity in to make things harder? Don’t let those voices around you be right. Yes, anything can go wrong and unexpected things can happen. Yes, it’s going to be hard (and I am sure at moments I will also think I can’t). But I am shutting off all negative voices around me (once again 😒) and doing my own thing: visualizing how I want MY labor to be, remaining calm, letting zero stress in, talking to my baby and telling her we (together) got this, keeping all the positive affirmations in my mind, and knowing I can 💪🏼 Doing all this can’t hurt, it can only help, so why not try. And, if anything goes wrong, remaining calm and positive through that unexpected situation and knowing that you’ve done all you could, will also keep you at peace through the last minute struggles. Our mind is so strong, let it guide & create your journey 👊🏼 “

Instagram: @prbossbabe

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