Postpartum Talk

Let’s talk postpartum healing on this Wellness Wednesday mamas. This is me at 4 days post partum/ post c-section bearing stirri strips, white mesh undies and all 💯. I share this pic not for accolades or to compare bodies but to let other mamas know that you’re NOT healing alone ⚠️⚠️⚠️
You see there this “Snap Back” phenomenon going on that places alot of direct & indirect pressure on us mamas to rush our healing. But underneath those forced skinny jeans is a body that just carried, labored & birthed a baby…it deserves more than just a few days or weeks to heal. But because there’s a lack of ‘realness’ being shared on social media we’re too quick to try and ‘wrap’ & ‘snap’ our healing bellies never giving ourselves the permission to just BE and heal
Now that i’ve gone through both a long 36 hr vaginal delivery & a quick 3 hr cesarean birth i can say that BOTH required equal yet different types of healing. So when you’re already sleep deprived, rehabbing physically & trying to figure this “motherhood” stuff out, the last thing you need to be concerned about is ‘snapping back’ .
So take it from a fellow healing mama, Trainer & Physical therapist who knows a thing or 2 about the proper way to snap back…Give yourself the time YOU need. Let’s love on those sweet babies, embrace our changing bodies, take the unnecessary pressure of ourselves & let’s ‘snap back’ together the RIGHT way. .
P.S. mamas, more postpartum pics, healing tips, & diastasis recti recovery exercises to come. Repost & TAG another mama who may need the inspiration ❤

Instagram: @ptrainershonda

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