A Big F You!

“Sometimes I feel like there is this stigma associated with pregnant woman and their bodies and if its “appropriate” to look or feel sexy. I understand firsthand how incredibly hard it is to learn to love your ever changing body during this time but I also know how incredibly vital it is to welcome these changes with open arms and embrace every little bump, curve and stretch mark. Growing a human is, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing a woman can go through. The fact that the female body is able to contort itself and be capable of sustaining and creating new life is something that should be celebrated and showed off. So here is a big FUCK YOU to anyone who thinks pregnant woman should hide their bellies or “cover up” for the sake of those who don’t wish to see it. Because, guess what, I don’t care. My uterus, my opinion. My body, my choice.”

Instagram: @little.oregan

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