Body confidence

Body confidence

“Every woman’s body does pregnancy differently! Some gain weight beyond what is recommended, others loose weight and can’t keep it on, some have a round bump like a basketball 🏀 or a pointy bump, and others carry flatter, some get stretch marks, some get the linea negra (the line down their middle belly), swelling, itchy skin, mood swings, various body aches and pains, nausea… so many differences I can’t listen them all! Is it all worth it?!?! Hell’s to the YES😃✊🏼

Thank goodness it’s not a permanent state BUT it is still 40 weeks of your life that your body is doing something incredible! Not all women get the privilege of growing a healthy baby and certainly not all woman get to do it easily.

My body certainly isn’t the same, I’ve lost muscle, have had various body aches and pains I’d never wish on anyone, I’m tired exhausted and feeling sore all the time. I feel like a whale 🐳 at times (so happy it’s not summer time) yet in an instant I can feel fantastic and forget I’m pregnant 🤰🏻!

After baby there is so much pressure to get back in shape and within an unrealistic timeframe. As every woman is different in their pregnancy they are just as different in their #fourthtrimester. We should focus on what our own individual needs are, not compare and not judge. We should be supportive of each other’s journeys.

The way I see this experience is that I’m fortunate enough to carry even though I had to get pregnant via IVF and I’ve got as long as I want afterwards to get to where I need to be with my new mindset, responsibilities and body! 💪🏼”

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