Bump Shaming

⚠️ Bump Shaming/Pregnancy Shaming is a thing ⚠️
I am SO tired of seeing/hearing comments like “Wow, you’re SO big!” Or “Is it twins?” Or even “You’re getting ready to pop any day now!” From total STRANGERS.
People can be SO cruel without even knowing it at times when it comes to a pregnant woman. I am on my fourth pregnancy & I’m short (5’2) so I look gigantic, I already am aware of that. I don’t need to hear it from someone I don’t even know. Some people need to just keep comments like that to themselves. It can honestly be very hurtful. I realize it may not seem like a big deal and very innocent comments, but pregnant women are hormonal, uncomfortable, and at times insecure. Growing a human is HARD enough work, we don’t need people shaming us on how our bodies look during the process or at all ever. Everyone carries their baby differently, everyone has different emotions during their pregnancies and how they feel about their bodies, so instead of just making unneeded comments about us and our growing bumps, just THINK before you SPEAK. Also, just to throw it in, never think it’s okay to randomly come up and rub someone’s baby bump 😂🙌”

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