Kynleigh’s Birth Story

KYNLEIGHS BIRTH STORY 🌿: “Was having what I thought was contractions [but I actually wasn’t] since Thursday night, so I decided to leave work early yesterday to get checked out. when I got to labor & delivery, they said that I wasn’t in early labor and that I was just experiencing Braxton Hicks. about 30 minutes after being at the hospital I actually had an episode and passed out. they had like 30 doctors in the room because I wasn’t responding and Kynleighs heart rate was dropping. they finally were able to stabilize me and decided that they wanted to go ahead and keep me overnight for observation. not even an hour later they did an ultrasound to check on her and immediately after that I was super close to passing out again. they took me back to get an emergency c-section because Kynleighs heart rate was again, dropping. Harlan sadly didn’t make it in time to witness her arrival, but my mom was in the operating room with me thank God. Baby Girl and I are doing good now. although since she is one month early, she was having a little trouble breathing because her lungs aren’t fully developed quite yet. I got to see her for 5 seconds before they rushed her out of the room due to her turning pale. they kept her in the nursery until about 8pm, then decided that she needed to be transferred to the Children’s Hospital to be admitted to the NICU. Harlan is there with her while I’m here at the Marysville Hospital waiting until hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday to be discharged and then be able to go be with our daughter. they ran a bunch of labs/tests on her last night and she is on a feeding tube. she is a fighter & i’m just so blessed that she is doing well. Kynleigh is such a tiny little thing and has a full head of light brown hair. I wish I could be with her right now, it breaks my heart to pieces that I don’t get to be there with my husband & daughter 💛.”

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