Home Birth Experience

“Sweet baby Inca , I remember that feeling pregnant with my second daughter – having two names picked . Having gone with the other name I knew it was ok as I would have a daughter named Inca also ( even tho we were not planning any more babies ) I felt her there before she was here . Almost 2 yrs after the birth of my second daughter we had a surprise pregnancy deep down I knew it was a little girl ( our third girl ) . Homebirth was something I felt so drawn towards being possibly our last babe it was something I set to achieve , sinking myself into everything homebirth surrendering, letting go of any fears, found a beautiful midwife . The pregnancy itself was great watching my girls hear her heart beat at every home visit , seeing them get so excited to meet their baby sister . So come 40wks I start having contractions at 5am which lasted on and off all day but very manageable . To deepen and intense around 6pm at 7 pm midwife and birth photographer were on there way . Birth pool was being filling, all while I was working through surrendering to these waves of contractions . Once I seen my midwife I began crying , feeling overwhelmed and thinking gosh this is it , it is happening can I do this?! . Of course you can from the midwife your doing it already ! Breathing was all I need to focas on now . As they became stronger it was time to get in the pool . Oh what a beautiful feeling the warm water then being able to slide and rock sway lean against the edges having my husband massaging my back ~ my girls hugging and hold my hand . Then I could feel my body take over and start to push baby out with the tight grip of my midwifes hand my body continued to descend babe out . Within two contractions I then looked down to see baby Inca floating up towards me as I scoop down to pick her up with my husband there supporting me . She was earthside . The look on the girls faces as they watched very curiously to then jump straight into the pool with us ever so excited . As we all held Inca for the first time . Family of 5 . Homebirth was transforming , empowering just a amazing experience ~ us woman blow my mind we are built to birth .”

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