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Can’t Believe I’m a Mother!

“My husband and I got married on July 2012 and got pregnant on January 2013, we were so happy but unfortunately we lost it on April that year, we were so devastated, and we neded to wait 6 months to try it again, but when we started trying again we didn’t get it. We began a fertility treatment on December 2014 but every test came clean for me and my husband, which was worst because we didn’t know the reason for the infertility, on January 20/2015 my grandpa died and I thought that maybe God would reward us with the news of a baby in exchange of the lost of my grandpa, what a fool I was! because when I went back to the Dr., she found an ovarian cyst of 7cm. and I had to take pills for 3 months to remove the cyst. After that I started with lots of injections of omiphin and merapur for making my ovaries to ovulate, but nothing seems to work, then my Dr. decided to practice a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to see my organs from the inside but everything came clean again. A month later on April 2016 my husband and I got pregnant again, we were so happy and so hopeful but almost immediately I started to bleed and the baby wasn’t visible, but we needed to wait anyway to see what happen. My brother got married on May 21st that year and I stayed in a chair the whole wedding and the next day I miscarried, I honestly didn’t cried or even felt sad, I was kind of relieved, I wanted a baby, but I didn’t want it like that, feeling afraid of everything. So we decided to give it a break, I thought “ok, if God doesn’t want me to be a biological mom that is ok, we can always adopt or something”, and also we didn’t have the money for an Ivf, but my parents told me that they could gladly pay it for us. Turned out I had a sickness in my blood that causes me to loose the babies and I needed to take anticoagulant injections if I got pregnant, but the main problem was getting me pregnant. So on March 2017 the Dr. practice another hysteroscopy again to see my cervix (which hurt A LOT) and realized my cervix was close, only a thin needle entered so that was the reason I couldn’t get pregnant, that was when we decided to try with the ivf, we had the appointment with the Dr. on June 3 but God did the miracle for us and on May 26 of 2017 we got pregnant and this time was for real, all the pregnancy was very tiring for the injections of anticoagulants but it didn’t matter, we saw our baby growing every single month, and on January 20/2018 (exactly 3 years after my grandpa died, the exact same day) we got our little boy with us, part me/part my husband and a complete example of how God reward us if we wait patiently on Him. I still cannot believe I’m a mother!”

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  1. Wow what a lovely story. Massive congratulations. X

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