Frozen for 13 years

Frozen for 13 years

“After two and half years of enduring the trials and tribulations of infertility, we couldn’t be any happier or more thankful for our sweet girl, Luna, born on December 31, 2017. The moment she was born was truly incredible but the day she was conceived is still what amazes us every time we look at her.
That magical day was February 4, 2004.
Our miracle girl was frozen in time for a little over 13 years before I was able to give her a belly in which to grow into the beautiful little baby girl she is today <3
As you might be able to gather from the picture below, Luna was born via IVF but what you can’t see is that Luna is also adopted.
Frozen for 13 years? Adopted?
It always puts people in wonder and disbelief to learn that we were able to make our dream of having a family come true thanks to embryo adoption.
It’s unknown as to how many frozen embryos there are in storage in the United States today (some stats say 500,000) and most will likely never be thawed and transferred. These embryos are the wonderful result of previously successful IVF cycles. In some cases, a couple may have had as many children as they wished for and they are left with a surplus of frozen embryos. They are then faced with the option of having the unused embryos destroyed, used for science, or, as was the case for our little Luna, there are a select few who opt to donate to other couples like us who are hoping to start a family of their own.

Embryo adoption is starting to become more popular now among couples who are not able to conceive on their own and we couldn’t be any more grateful for this gift! Our little sweet pea wouldn’t be here without them.
Luna truly is a unique little girl and we look forward to sharing her incredible story with others in the hopes of creating awareness of this amazing option to start a family <3

instagram: @nancyweiss_fertilitycoach
Photo credit: @katya.vilchyk

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