Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy

“Being a mommy of one I thought, “ Pfft I’ve got this!” WRONG! Being pregnant with a second child , or third or fourth is just as stressful and mind boggling. Like the times I’ve thought I would have it all under control but started sobbing because Uber eats delivered me the wrong order and cold!
The countless times I would say over and over “ I won’t get depressed, I know it’s just the hormones.” Then all of a sudden I would get into such a deep dark hole that I didn’t know how the hell I would get out of it, stemming from a simple thought that I wasn’t a good enough mother to my first and how the hell I would be good enough for now two!

Let’s not even get started with the random hate I would have for my partner, the person I want to share all my memories with, the person I just moved with, whom I’m creating a family with, and yet there I was screaming “ I don’t think I want to be with you anymore!” Ten minutes later, instantly regretting it and apologizing and blaming it on the pregnancy hormones, while eating a a warm Mc Donald’s apple pie ( I hated McDonald’s before being pregnant) dunked in a pint of Haagen Daz.
And lastly, freaking out because your armpits are getting darker, your stomach is flooded with stretch marks, your jeans don’t close, your mustache starts growing in just two days after you painfully waxed it with your waxing home kit, and your body odor is on a whole other level!
But guess what, this is all normal and believe it or not some of the many beauties of being pregnant. Hang in there, in the end you’ll laugh about all this or CRY(postpartum depression). But never forget, you are a strong, empowering woman who was creating a little human being for 9 whole beautiful, crazy months! So hang in there all you beautiful, powerful women, you many not feel like you’ve got this.. but you’ve got this !!! ❤️”

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