Choosing A Sperm Donor

Choosing A Sperm Donor

“Choosing our donor was a HUGE part of our process. There are so many things to consider – have we seen enough options? Is he healthy? Do we like his physical characteristics? What about his family – are they healthy and do we like their physical characteristics? Are our genetics compatible? How many vials do we order? I mean, IT’S A LOT. Most heterosexual couples just have an attraction to someone, probably fall in love, and then none of that other stuff matters, ya know? We used a sperm bank from a recommended list from our doctor and loved all of the information we were able to see. There are photos of each donor in all stages of life. You get a full physical description that includes very specific attributes – it’ll even say if the donor had braces (crazy) – along with a physical description of their parents and siblings, as well as their occupations. There is also a full medical history of the donor, his immediately family, and grandparents. Donors take a personality test and include an essay about themselves. We knew we wanted a donor with similar features to Chelsea and someone who was an open donor. Having an open donor was extremely important to us because we wanted Luna to have the opportunity to meet him later in life if she chooses to. We easily narrowed our search down to two guys who looked pretty similar. Ironically, we discovered they were brothers because their family information was EXACTLY the same – how bizarre is that?! Once we came to a decision, we ordered four vials of sperm which were delivered to our doctor (no y’all, we didn’t keep them in our freezer 😂). Although we are only planning for two children, we wanted to order extra vials in the event of unsuccessful attempts. If you have vials that are unused, you have a few options on what to do with them. We have several photos of our donor put away for Luna. The thought of those conversations in the future is a bit frightening, but I know an open donor was the right way to go for us. I can’t help but to feel so thankful towards him for helping us create our biggest love.

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