“Don’t have kids they will ruin your life!”

“Don’t have kids they will ruin your life!”

“There was a time when i was young that I actually thought if you have a child your life would be over, I had grown up hearing ” don’t have kids they will ruin your life”!. But why?!? I didn’t understand why some people would say such a thing and I was a kid! That made me feel like there was something wrong with me that my parents ruined their lives because of me and my siblings.

It showed me not to have kids it deterred me away from even caring about kids and sometimes even myself, i started to feel lost in a world of hate, hurt and loneliness. I felt that i was a burden on everyone around me i didn’t fit in as well at primary school, it was hard to understand the other kids because i didn’t really understand myself  i felt trapped in my own mind my own skin my temple and could not break free from the thoughts that kept coming. Feeling like a failure at everything never having enough confidence to express my true self, not wanting to connect with others being disconnected from my own family growing up with violence day to day as if it was normal, even being told by other kids i was the accident in the family, it was a cruel world that I didn’t even know or understand yet.

Then one day I just woke up, I woke up to the lies that people spread to have control over your life! I felt that people just felt that had the right to say things like ” you’re making a big mistake or that’s it your life is ruined or you need or have to travel the world before you have kids or don’t have kids their rotten little creatures (horrified that people say these things even parents!). All this evil and hate upon children and even from people that have never had a child do they even realize they were once children? That our children are our future?!?

I wish I woke up sooner in life to all the wrongs and right, I wish I had people around me telling me how wonderful children actually are that they are what makes us stronger our hearts fuller, kids are our future. It took me to have my first child to fall back in love with my life my body and children, I felt alive I felt reborn into a world that i needed to help other mothers to see mums to be to see that life is creation life is family life is love my 3 babes are the best things that have ever happened to me but apparently thats ruining my life… I say no, I say the ones saying these horrible words are the very people who are lonely who are sad who don’t understand love and are way too selfish. They have been brought up to think it’s wrong to have children… really? Is this really how we live, is this really how we should be teaching our children? One thing for sure is that i will never ever let my children feel the way I did growing up I will give them all the love our world has to offer. I will teach my children that they are god with in themselves they are the future they are bloody god dam special and they deserve the world and i wont stop there, ill share my love to all children i want them all to know they are special and they deserve so much 💓.
The world is theirs and we must protect them from the dangers around them.
I know that my children aren’t a mistake they are a gift of life that we should think ourselves lucky we even get and to keep our race surviving, they are the future.

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