Sacrifice & Pain

“My husband snap this pic on his way out this morning and it couldn’t be more me right now 🤰🏻Like I’ve said before, there are so many sides to pregnancy. It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, there’s such a connection and bonding throughout pregnancy that you can’t describe to others. BUT there is also sacrifice and pain. And the reality is, some days I’d love to get outta bed and get that ‘cute bump update’ but that’s not always the reality. Not at all, and I know for some of you pregnancy is really really hard. YOU GUY ARE THE CHAMPS! This has been my last 6 weeks . This is my view, literally. I’m not complaining AT ALL in the sense that I am EXTREMELY grateful to carry life! Truly I am. I just thought I’d give you another shot of my view and life too. The one that requires what’s keeping me going:
-Heating pads are my life 🙌🏻
-pressure point balls are everything
– my vitamins and iron and stool softer( tmi) 😘
-lotions of all sorts
-my beautiful night gowns I wear daily (Walmart is proud)
-waist bands to help lift or put pressure on my ribs
– cold water by my bed at all times & hundreds of pillows .always
Happy 36 weeks! Remembering the good and the hard because it’s all moments to get my girl here!”

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