Straight Outta The Lab

Straight Outta The Lab

“Are they natural?” is a question I have been asked more times than you would think over the past two years. Most times I’m not quite sure how to answer that. Part of me wants to throw out a sarcastic, “nope they are robots who look really human like,” sort of a response but most of the time I know why I’m getting asked that. It’s the apparent subtle (not really) way of asking if we conceived twins naturally. Here’s my two cents.

My babes are as natural as they come. As natural as.they.come. The road to parenthood is fragile. Many of us have faced unfathomable heartache and been thru war to have our children. Our journey is filled with repeated failed attempts, feelings of hopelessness, fights with insurance companies, years of waiting and unthinkable debt to make our dream come true.

While devastating to hear that I had almost a 0% chance of ever conceiving a child, let alone two at once, I am immensely grateful for the genius minds and incredible science behind fertility methods that create miracles for people each and every day. Think about what it took to discover, test, and approve all of the amazing options we have out there today to have a child! Pretty remarkable right!? And let’s talk for a moment about all of the selfless warriors working tirelessly to match a child to their forever home! I carry zero negativity in my heart and truly do not fault anyone for what they don’t know and appreciate them wanting to start a conversation about my babes! I love talking about them! I just want to bring an awareness to our journey and be a voice for our tribe. I think the next time someone asks me if they are natural I will tell them “as natural as my beating heart.”

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