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Three Blessings

“Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.”
When the doctor told me I was pregnant with triplets they asked me if I wanted to terminate one of my twins so the other one would have a better chance of survival during the pregnancy. This was because they shared a placenta and there’s a risk of TTTS (twin twin transfusion syndrome). This is basically where one twin can grow and the other not so well. And also because of the risk factors to me carrying three babies. I couldn’t believe they would ask me that right after they told me I had three babies inside me. But I know it’s just something they have to do. I looked at my husband in complete shock and he said “no”. And I looked at the Doc and I said not a chance. I worked for two years to get pregnant and you ask me that? Hell no…whatever is in the cards is what will be, and I’m a risk taker. I couldn’t imagine life now without all of my sweet little angels. I wanted them ALL so badly and made them with so much love. I am so glad I took a chance and made that difficult decision. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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