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Cancer & Surrogacy: Lottery Baby

“At the age of nine, I lost all chances of carrying a pregnancy due to ovarian cancer. I was told that I’d win the lottery twice before ever having a biological child. Sixteen years post hysterectomy, our fertility specialist harvested 33 eggs from my single ovary and one of my childhood best friends offered to carry for us. Within two weeks of learning we were expecting twins, we lost our Baby B. My world stopped. I was never able to have children, then I had two, and quickly had to give one of them back. My heart was shattered. How do you balance the love for one twin while your heart aches for the other? In February 2019, our surrogate delivered the most beautiful baby boy. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was mine and somehow he always knew me. I won the lottery. “ 📸

Photograph by @stephanie.n.baker

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