Rainbow Baby Scares

“I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby after miscarrying in June of this year. This experience has been so different than with my first, my 16mo old son. after loss, pregnancy doesn’t feel the same. it’s scary, it’s full of anxiety and fear. Hoping you make it another week of growing this sweet babe. We received some scary news at our anatomy scan at 19wks. chances of cystic fibrosis, kidney disease/ bowel infection or down syndrome. We felt so broken. All we want is for this sweet boy to be healthy. We did a lot of genetic testing after that, and we prayed. A LOT. surrounded ourselves with family and tried to let faith overcome our fear. We were more than blessed to hear our testing came back completely normal and our baby is healthy. Everyday has new challenges, missing the baby we lost, but each day we feel more joy knowing that THIS baby was chosen for and gifted to our family. We can’t wait to just have him in our arms and know he’s safe and sound 🖤 14.5 weeks left until he’s here!”

Instagram: @emkantarevik.eak

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