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Never Gave Up Hope

“Our family is so excited to announce that we are expecting baby #2 after 3 years of trying and never giving up hope! After the loss of our identical twins at only 10 weeks, it was extremely difficult for my wife and I to move forward. We were scared and confused. What if it happened again? What if we never got pregnant again? I remembered we shared that taboo topic with friends and had received so much support from people who had experienced a miscarriage in the past. Their stories were inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. We weren’t alone in this world. We held on to that. Months passed and nothing was happening. We questioned each other. Then, our son had some questions too. Mommy, Daddy, can I get a little brother or sister? But little did he know, we have been trying and trying. Any hint of pregnancy, my wife bought another First Response Pregnancy Test. We desperately wanted another baby. At one point, we said to each other, maybe we’re only suppose to have one child. January 2019, while I was on a video call with my illustrator to discuss my next children’s book, my wife whispered my name. I looked. She was shaking, in tears, holding one of the many pregnancy tests. I already knew what that meant. “Are you fking serious?” I cried, squeezing her tightly before looking at the results. She was pregnant with our baby. For the past few weeks, we kept it a secret because we had to be sure this time. Today, we had our 12 week ultrasound check up and the doctor told us that our baby is looking great. We are content and excited for this new journey. October 10th 2019, we can’t wait to meet our baby girl or baby boy.”

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