Pregnant and Proud of My Belly

“Over the last 6+ months I’ve received a ton of questions from people asking me about my body. A lot of those centered around my once very shredded midsection – “are you freaking out about losing your abs?” or “are you worried your abs/body won’t come back?”


The answer is a hard NO. I’ve always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and loving your body for what it is capable of. Talk to any of my clients and they’ll tell you, the focus is always on getting stronger, faster and healthier and loving those changes… the rest will fall into place in time.


Right now my focus is having the healthiest pregnancy I possibly can and doing what’s best for Baby L. Even before pregnancy you would never see me doing multiple workouts per day, I always took at least 2 full days off and I never restricted my diet.


Embrace and love your body! And cheers to this beautiful belly growing and nourishing a new life! I’m beyond obsessed with it.”

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