Why Embryo Adoption/Donation?⁣

Why Embryo Adoption/Donation?⁣

“Why embryo adoption/donation?⁣

I’ve had so many people ask me this. Here is a little insight to why and an update on our journey. ⁣

Struggling with infertility lead us to answers that we desperately didn’t want to hear. The same day we found out our IVF cycle failed we found out my husband had stage 3 colon cancer. We tried banking sperm before chemo but it was too late and found out all 22 embryos were abnormal… hence zero frozen and a failed cycle. Thanks PCOS & MFI.⁣

Adoption was something we were both interested in (we have watched our close friends adopt a child-and has touched my heart in ways I didn’t think was possible.) I also still want to experience all the feels with pregnancy. Then of course the financial part…. we would have to wait at least three years to save up money to adopt an infant. (Thanks to Dave Ramsey).⁣

I feel weird saying we were lead to embryo adoption (so cliche) but we were! Last year consisted of praying, crying, surgeries, chemo, crying and more praying. We also grieved that we weren’t going to bring our DNA into this world. Our first  embryo donor match fell through and crushed us. ⁣

But you know what!!! HE (aka: the man upstairs) shows up and showed up for us! It only took our current donor (aka: Fellow TTC sister/bestie) THREE times of her offering the unmeasurable gift of embryos to us… it’s now so clear to me that this is Why we had to go through all the heartache. Why in the hell didn’t I accept her offer the first time she offered? Honestly, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but thankful she was persistent!⁣

To give someone the gift of life and the chance at parenthood is unbelievable-It literally leaves me speechless. March 27th is when they will be signing and transferring the ownership of their four beautiful embabies to us. I can’t believe it. They worked their ass off for those embabies and to give them to us. WOW! Yes, I know we still have a long road with many milestones to overcome but I’m choosing happy thoughts only.” ⁣praying4babyando

Are you currently on a donor journey or starting one soon? 👇”

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