No Hospital Visitors

No Hospital Visitors

 “I didn’t have visitors come see us at the hospital, and I don’t know why it took me birthing four children to figure this out.

For 32 hours, minus the 2 hours my husband brought the kids to meet their baby brother, I sat in a quiet room completely submerged in the precious first moments with the life we created and brought into this world.

It was peaceful. It was happy. It was lovely.

My nurses kept asking where our family lived… it was obvious they were use to full recovery rooms also. You could see it in their faces each time they entered my room. “Wow, it’s quiet in here.” “Yes,” I would smile peacefully. “My home is very different,” I would laugh.

Unlike my other births, I didn’t have to spend my first moments as a new mother passing my baby around to those who were eager to meet him and whom I was eager to share him with. Unlike my other births, I didn’t have to feel like I was entertaining from my hospital bed when all I wanted to do was close my eyes. Do not get me wrong though, those experiences were special and full of love as well. Being surrounded by your family and friends during happy times is something to be treasured.

My baby is now two weeks old. All the visitors that would have been at the hospital have met him. Some several times. It wasn’t that I didn’t want them to meet him. Of course I did. It was that I wanted my moments. My moments that I know go all too fast. My moments that would be my first and last.

Whether you want a full room, a few close people, or a quiet intimate room…. be sure it is what you want. Those moments are so precious. Share them if you wish. Sit in them and soak them up with your husband if you wish. Be selfish with your time if you wish.

I will forever treasure those magical, quiet first moments with my last baby.”

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