Multitasking Mom

Multitasking Mom

“Four weeks deep into this new season.
While my days have been blurred into one and the nights feel like they’re never ending, I can’t possibly begin to describe the whirlwind that these weeks have been. I’m rocking the ‘what’s the point of wearing clothes when I’ll end up soaked in milk again’ look and I can count on my digits the amount of minutes I’ve left the house for. I can confidently say that all of the multitasking I scolded myself for doing in the past, was in fact the perfect practice for making me a twin mama (ain’t no slow living happening over here in the near future)

Never have I felt so stretched, out of my depth, out of breath, exhausted, amazed, fulfilled, in love, frustrated, vulnerable and content, all at the same damn time.
I’m very much feeling like a first time mum again. Having to learn everything all.over.again, having to adjust to two different souls, two different personalities, two completely different babes in every single way.

I’ve had my days where I’ve nailed it, days where I have the washing done, folded AND put away in the same day (what?!), and moments where I’ve needed to remind myself of my own belief that people are only dealt what they can handle; the universe strangely believes I’m cut out for this and so I shall be ✨.”

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