A Letter to the Mum to Be

“To the mum to be… I know.


I know your feet are hurting and also your back.


I know it’s hard to walk so now you waddle.


I know it’s impossible to get comfy at night and your bladder wakes you up at 1/3/4am.


I know that you may feel lonely sometimes and cry when no ones watching.


I know that you may be scared of what’s to come and your anxiety will take over.


I know your clothes don’t fit anymore and putting on your shoes is a task.


I know you may be craving that extra strong coffee or large glass of wine.


I know your waiting ever so patiently but can’t help thinking “is today the day”.


I know you’ve re-packed your hospital bag 100 times.


I know your panicking about what you have or haven’t got for when baby comes home.


I know you NEED that ever so weird craving no matter what time of day/night.


I know you talk to your baby and massage your bump.


I also know that soon, very soon, the day will be here and you will be speaking to your baby whilst looking in their eyes and yo won’t believe they are actually here.

Everything you have been planning will all be worth it. Your whole world will change and you will become this super protective and loving mother. Nothing else in the world will compare and you will feel happiness like no other.

So to all the beautiful mums and bumps out there… YOU GOT THIS 💪🏼💫

Instagram: @lifeof_amberrose


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