Delivering Alone

Delivering Alone

“Packing my hospital bag with a heavy heart.

On Friday I went to see our midwife all on my own. She was dressed up in hospital gear from head to toe but still made me feel so comfortable. Our appointment went well and baby boy looked happy and healthy. At the end of our appointment she broke the news… “With everything going on and the numbers of Covid-19 patients rising they have decided to only allow the mother into the hospital.” Every single part of my body went numb! The last  36 weeks I have been preparing myself physically, mentally and emotionally for the day I go into labour. I knew everything would be ok with My husband on my side. It has not been easy going trough this pregnancy without friends and family. It has not been easy going trough all the uncertainty that came with living in Italy. The spread of this virus has not made anything easier but I knew no matter what I had Carel by my side.

The virus did not effect me in any way. My focus was on the day I give birth to our beautiful baby boy. This would be the best day of my life and this was the day I was looking forward to the most. The thought of hearing my baby boy for the very first time while holding my husbands hand put a smile on my face.

Now that will remain a thought as I am preparing to deliver my baby boy on my own. My husband will be meeting his little boy in die parking lot for the very first time.

This one day you can never have again is being taken away from so many women. Today I want to reach out to all the beautiful mommies to be. You are not alone.

It’s heartbreaking and hard to face the reality but at the end of the day I am thankful for being healthy. I understand that the health and safety of the doctors and nurses are so important in this time. It would be selfish of me to not understand the situation.

I respect the decision and really pray for our doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff fighting the virus.

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Florence, Italy

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