Delivering During a Pandemic

“Only YOU would make such a grand entrance into this world! When everything stood still, socializing came to a halt, and the bustling streets were empty – YOU decided it was time to come.


As we drew closer to your due date, your dad and I grew restless, worried about how we would keep you safe from this pandemic – how would be strong for you? But the truth is, you were strong for US. You came when you were ready, you threw us in a loop and made us forget about all the negativity.


We came to the hospital, keeping our 6 feet distances, and with bright smiles plastered underneath those masks. As soon as you came, you made us forget about everything that was going on outside those 4 walls – you brought back the bustling, you crushed those 6 feet distances, we all heard you roar!.


Welcome to our lives and the world my sweet and strong Anya Khawaja, May God always bless you with everything amazing this world has to offer, with success, love, health and happiness. May God always keep you strong 🥰.”

Instagram: @z_khawaja

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