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Overcoming Disappointment During a Pandemic

“Yesterday wasn’t the greatest day for me. I had a few moments where I broke down in tears just thinking about everything. I’ve been nothing but positive about everything, but whew yesterday took me out. As I was crying & thinking about my pregnancy & all I had planned, I kept telling myself that there’s bigger problems in this world, not even validating my own feelings.
I guess I just shoved them so far down to keep from being disappointed, but to be real, it’s okay for me to feel. To have emotions. I chose to sit in my disappointment, but not stay in it. I acknowledged how I was feeling, turned on some worship music, & shifted my perspective to dwell on my healthy pregnancy. I would be lying if I was to say this isn’t hard for me because it is.
I’m praying for every single soul that feels disappointed. Who feel like every plan you may have had, didn’t go the way you wished or envisioned. Things can’t always be controlled or determined due to circumstances, but one thing I’ve learned in all of this, is to focus on the things that you have the power to control. Your thoughts, your focus, what you’re truly grateful for. The things you do have. May God continue to carry & comfort you. May he cover every single thought you may have, with peace. Allowing you to focus on the goodness surrounding you. For this season of uncertainty soon shall pass. Stay encouraged. Love you guys.”

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