Collins’ Birth Story

“Collins’ Birth Story • I woke to what I considered “only cramping” and insisted Chase leave for work since my water hadn’t broken (and had hours before any signs of labor with the previous two). An hour and a half later I called him back telling him to get home immediately since things were becoming more intense. While on the phone, my water broke and I told him to call 911 because contractions immediately escalated. I then dropped the phone and fell to the floor on hands and knees while Amanda jumped on my back thinking, “mom’s playing horse!” Meanwhile, Reagan laughed hysterically, telling Amanda, “she’s calling 911!” Seconds later we heard sirens (we live next door to the station) and I told Reagan to open the garage, since our top lock was on the front door. Sweet Reagan immediately grabbed my keys in the drawer, jumped in the car and opened the garage to wave everyone inside from the driveway. My dear friend, Julie ran inside first, whom I texted before dropping the phone to come get the girls, and wrangled them upstairs. Firemen then rushed in, asked if this was my first, and when I responded third, said, this baby’s coming now. Five minutes later Chase ran through the door cheering me on like the ultimate cheerleader he is. Seven minutes and four pushes later Collins was born. These people have made an imprint on my heart I can’t describe with words, but can say the peace they brought to our home in a traumatic situation was unreal. My respect for first responders is incredible. The strength my friend, Julie had to entertain our (starving for breakfast, half dressed) girls upstairs was unimaginable. And the inspiration God provided Reagan to find my keys & jump in the car forever changed me. Days later she looked at me and asked, “Mommy, did I save your life?” Whether we appreciate, acknowledge, or recognize Him, I know God cares for each of us in ways unknown. I’m grateful for the tender mercies experienced April 8, 2020. The gratitude I have for this day is unforgettable. 🤍”

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