To the Postpartum Mommas

“My postpartum mommas! This is my  six weeks postpartum body and full disclosure I am pulling that core in!! There is this idea floating about that if you workout hard enough during pregnancy you’re body will just bounce back. Well that may be true for some people but not me! I fully gained 50lbs this pregnancy while working out everyday! I did in my last pregnancy too.
If you’re in the same boat as me, I want you know I see you and it’s gonna be ok! Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you’re exhausted! Don’t you think that’s enough to deal with? Let’s not worry about these incredible bodies that creates life. There will be time for that but it’s certainly not now!
So unfollow any fitsagrammers who make you feel pressure. Don’t get all wrapped up in every program that touts getting your pre-baby body back! Know that for most of us that post-baby snapback is a myth! Let’s be kind to ourselves we deserve it! 💕”

Instagram: @danceloverun

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