Motherhood Comparison

Motherhood Comparison


I’ve grown to absolutely loath that word. Probably because I’m guilty of it and it brings on a ton of negative self talk (which is a habit I’m trying to break). Some advice? Don’t compare yourself to other moms ever, EVER! Your journey, your situation (whatever it may be) is unique and that’s what makes it YOURS! So embrace it.

Recently as most of you know I’ve been struggling with my colicky girl and a lower milk supply. I did tons of research and got a lot of opinions from you guys and then one day, I had the WORST melt down about everything. Why can’t I pump as much as other moms? Why do other babies sleep better than Addy, what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I comfort my beautiful girl? Why can’t I provide milk and store it like other moms can? Etc- eventually I asked myself “why am I not as good a mother as these other mom?”. WOAH! STOP! Pump them breaks miss! First of all. I’m a great mom. I love Adelyn, my worrying and researching, and not giving up is proof of that. My never giving up on loving her and trying to help her is proof of that. Doing all I can to feed her, change her, comfort her is proof of that.

So let me tell you something mama dear, you are a GREAT mom! You’re struggling today maybe and that’s okay, what ever you’re feeling is okay and you WILL get through this. You’re doing wonderfully and just take a deep breath, stop comparing, and keep going. You’re EXACTLY what your little one needs. I promise. 🙏🏻”

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