Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum Essentials

“Preparing for the 4th trimester is key for a smoother transition and faster, more comfortable recovery!

I’ve talked about how to plan for postpartum, how to mentally prepare, and as I go through postpartum I will keep talking about self-care routines and mindset to make the best of that period, so we can enjoy the newborn stage too! Because it flies by. And we need to soak in all of those cuddles.

So here is a list of my postpartum essential products for RECOVERY that you may want to purchase before delivery so all is set.

Sitz Bath Salt
Coconut oil
Lavender pure essential oil
Sitz Bath Spray
Aloe Vera
Maxi Underwear
Silk pillow case
Perineal Cushon
Perineal bottle
Organic Maxi pads
Glass Straw Water Bottle
Body Oil
Comfy bath robe
Comfy nursing friendly nightgown
Natural Foaming Cleanser
Witch Hazel
Epsom Salt Nighttime Therapy
Perineal Foam with Witch Hazel
Cozy slippers
Organic Nipple balm
Nipple pads
Lavender Bubble Bath
Comfy nursing bra
Pumping bra
Organic Pads

For the exact brands/products I use & links to all of them, head to my latest blog post.

I really recommend you taking a look at my blog for all resource posts with links & photos to each item, much easier, and from your computer you’ll have an even better experience!

Also note: I didn’t use everything last time because I didn’t tear; but it’s always good to have everything handy just in case.

And if you are having a c-section, of course, you will need more/different items.

Stay tuned for two posts coming on two Postpartum recovery tricks.

Who’s getting ready for postpartum stage too?

What was one postpartum item you couldn’t live without?“

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