Super Human Body

Super Human Body

“One thing that will never seize to amaze me is the human body and it’s super power to create life and in some instances, multiple lives. ⁣

The ability one has to mobilize and go about their day while their insides are developing a human or two is just so intriguing.⁣

From the very moment the sperms are released in hopes of latching to the egg- to the development of the fetus is just so incredibly magical to me. ⁣

Even more incredible to think that from one sperm, these two happened. ⁣

And that checks off another reason why we should love and respect our super human bodies!⁣

Mamas, we’re phenomenal, super women and we have the kids and marks to show it! 🤍⁣”

⁣Instagram: @twinmamallama

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