Bump Comparison

Bump Comparison

“Is it just me or is bump comparison a real thing?

I had no idea prior to pregnancy that women like to comment on the size of other women’s pregnant bellies.

You don’t look THAT big.

I was bigger and only had one baby.

I was expecting you to be huge with twins.

I should show you photos of me pregnant. Now I was REALLY pregnant.

These are real things people have said to me, among others.

On one hand, I laugh, roll my eyes, and shrug it off. I know nothing mean is intended by these comments. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit of bump shaming; like I haven’t done something right, or my belly size isn’t worthy enough compared to others.

Granted, I did lose 15 pounds post surgery between weeks 13-17 of my pregnancy, and have since put on 32 pounds once I was released from the hospital; so technically I’ve only gained 17 pounds with this twin pregnancy from my starting weight. Plus, with my major scaring from surgery, our medical team has told us that would impact how my stomach grows throughout the pregnancy. But none of that should matter. I shouldn’t have to second guess or justify the size of my stomach.

Some bumps grow out. Some bumps grow down. Some bumps are high and some are low. Some bumps are small with a big baby and some bumps are large with a small baby. Did I just write a new Dr. Seuss book?

Comparison is the thief of joy – one of my favorite quotes. I’m reminding myself that as long as my babies are happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter how my belly size compares to others. Right?

Truly, this post isn’t to vent and I’m neither upset or offended, just wanting to journal my thoughts and experiences in these final days of pregnancy.

I’m curious, has anyone else experienced this?”


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  1. I found out everyone has something to say and they can’t just say they are happy for you. There must be something “wrong” all the time! Like you say at the end, I also didn’t get offended but for someone who struggled with infertility before getting pregnant, I did get some mixed feelings everytime someone said “oh my god, you’re bump is so small you don’t even look pregnant”. I didn’t get mad because I knew I was pregnant and that was all that matter to me but at the same time … why would someone hd the need to comment specially if they have nothing nice to say…

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