Postpartum Depression by: @Motherhoodinanutshell

Postpartum Depression by: @Motherhoodinanutshell

“I took this picture the morning I was taken to the hospital. This is me before even knowing I was going to be committed that day. Look how miserable I was. And I thought I didn’t need the help. ⁣

This was 4 months after my daughter was born. In those 4 months I had tried to take my life, completely recoiled and hid away in my house, pushed my husband away and my perfectionism hit an all time high. I ultimately ended up in the psych ward when I finally came clean how I was feeling. ⁣

I felt anxious, frustrated, angry, confused, guilty, lonely, tired, disinterested, hopeless, worthless, resentful, and suicidal. ⁣

When it got too overwhelming I wanted to hurt myself, and at times my baby. Yes you read that right. I had SEVERE ppd. ⁣

After lots of therapy, I don’t have those awful thoughts anymore. When one does try and sneak in, I can challenge those thoughts now. There IS hope. It DOES get better. ⁣

I’m posting this to let you know you’re not alone. So many women suffer through this in silence. Let’s put an end to that. ⁣

Maybe your postpartum journey looks like mine, or maybe it’s completely different! It doesn’t matter! What matters is that you recognize it and get the help you deserve.⁣

There’s so many degrees to ppd, so if you or someone you know is suffering, reach out, it can save lives. ⁣

Where’s my mamas at that have gotten through this? Let those mamas suffering know it does get better👇❤️”

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