The Power of Stretch Marks

The Power of Stretch Marks

“Stretch marks have so much power. ⁣

too much power.⁣

i was told, shown, directed to believe these scars were undesirable before I even had one. and that thought process destroyed me during and after my pregnancy with Beverly which is when I was etched with these marks.⁣

i thought they meant I could never be beautiful. that i was chained to a one piece at the beach forever. that I could never slip into something less comfortable for my husband again. that I would be the poster woman for “at least I don’t look like her” and “if you want to avoid this grotesque body – use this magic cream!”⁣

it took a long time. and it took a lot of work. but i know i’m beautiful. i can wear the two piece at the beach. i can wear something less comfortable and more sexy for my husband. my life isn’t over like i thought it was. ⁣

it’s actually so much better. because I grew. i’m stronger now. i appreciate my body more. it’s a form of confidence I never would have gained if I didn’t have to work for it.⁣

and besides, if i am the poster woman of “at least i don’t look like her!” – it says something about that person… not me.”

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