Dear Postpartum Body

Dear Postpartum Body

“Dear #postpartumbody . I know that you hear more negativity than positivity these days. I know you endured and went through two pregnancies and still healed in time. I know you carried two beautiful black queens and provided them with all the nutrients they needed to survive. I know you brought them into this world even when I was fighting the contractions the entire time. I know that you get covered up because it’s easier to “look” great than it is to feel great but I want you to know that you are loved and cherished even if I don’t take time to appreciate you often. I don’t know where all these insecurities came from, I am not sure if it came from having the perfect #summerbody or being #summertimefine or maybe it’s trying to appreciate you when it’s time for sex and feeling confident to be around my husband. Maybe it’s loving you because you have given me everything I need to keep going on everyday. I know you often get ridiculed for having aches, pains and even painful cramps but know that I love you and appreciate you every single day.

To the woman who doesn’t like looking down because you feel like you don’t like what you see, to the woman who wears baggy clothes because seeing your old photos is a painful reminder of what you don’t have anymore, to the woman who seems to compliment everyone else or maybe doesn’t because you can’t seem to love yourself #afterbirth , know that we are all struggling and coping with our body after kids. Know that you are beautiful and you got one bad mamba jamba body which means you are a beautiful sexy WOMAN. You brought life into this world and you don’t have scars to prove it, but a body that evolved to show just how STRONG and RESILIENT you are. To the mother who blames her kids for the body they gave her, stop it. You may not say it but you feel it and eventually it will somehow be expressed to them. Love your body so you can properly love them.

From one mother to another. #honestmotherhood I challenge you to share your postpartum body so all women can be inspired to love themselves.”

Instagram: @trinitysierra

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