I Overdid It

I Overdid It

“How I’m Feeling Physically 3 Weeks Postpartum:

I overdid it.

A little over a week ago I felt good. I felt a burst of energy. My incision site looked excellent. I was being told I looked and sounded better than I had in months. I thought, yup, I kicked this surgery’s ass.

So I ventured out. I ran errands. I walked around a few stores. At home I was carrying my babies up and down the stairs. I took less and less pain meds. I was trying to overcompensate for not being so helpful in the first few weeks.

And now? Now I’m paying for it.

My incision site and body are sore and I’m moving slower than I was. It’s tough to sit up straight and getting up and down is rough. I’m still bleeding too, no end in sight there. Overall, physically, I just feel blah.

If you’re a new C-Section mama or will become one, trust me, you’ll want to take the full 4-6 weeks to recover. Even if you feel ready to go, be patient and trust the process. Best practices are there for a reason and it’s okay if we don’t heal quicker than we should. We are not less than.

Lesson to be learned, just because the outside looks healed doesn’t mean your insides are.”

(Brooks in photo ♥️)

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