Mama Stress When Feeding Your Baby

Mama Stress When Feeding Your Baby

“Power pumping that ever so dwindling milk supply. Again.
Mamas. If you know, you know.

The mind of a mama is a powerful, scary place to be. The anxiety is real. The stress is real.
We have all been down that path of second guessing ourselves and everything we do.

Is he just done with the boob.
Has he started weaning himself.
Is he upset because he’s just hungry again.
Do I need to supplement.
He only wants a bottle, maybe I should just give in.
Should I start exclusively pumping.
Can we afford to formula feed.
He’s still gaining weight, I’m sure he’s fine.
Why is he waking up during the night again.
He’s probably just hungry.
Maybe that 6oz bottle wasn’t enough.
I should probably be giving him more table food….
and now it’s 4 in the morning and I’m googling all the ways to increase milk supply.
Mamas. Who’s with me?”

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