Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

“ I read the kids a bedtime story tonight. It was not a hardcover nor was it paperback.
It was this belly.
My belly was their bedtime story.

I sat on the floor and went through each mark, why one side of my belly took most of the sag and marks as Dominic was sitting to the left in my belly weighing 7 lbs and just beneath him was Vincent pushing my cervix making me pee every 5 seconds!

I shared joyful memories, the anticipation and the unknown in my pregnancy. We went through each sag, and shared some unforgettable moments as a new Mom.
I explained that we were once all connected through this precious button while they poked my protruding belly button and giggled.

I ended my story with a scar, the scar that cut through 7 layers of skin which led to their life outside the womb and into Mama’s arms at last
Don’t ever say you’re ashamed of your postpartum body.
YOU gave life.
Think of all you went through to be gifted with the most precious gems in the world.
YOU are a Super hero and YOU have the belly to show it!
Tag a Mom and spread the postpartum love.”

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