Cesarean Birth is Birth ⁣

Cesarean Birth is Birth ⁣

five years ago I certainly did not think my first birth experience would end up in an emergency cesarean. Fast forward to now, I am preparing for my third cesarean birth and I’d like to say I am damn proud of myself. ⁣
For years now I have read and heard out loud that this is not birth. We are not real mothers, we are lazy or most recently that my kids are different and lacking love just because I didn’t deliver them vaginally. ⁣
Every mother/parent deserves to feel like a badass no matter how that beautiful babe entered the world. ⁣
👊🏼 Hell yes to you natural, home birthers, to those of you who only pushed for 10 minutes or who said yes to an epidural. YES to you c-section mamas and everything else in between.⁣ ⁣ “We don’t have control over how our birth unfolds – what we do have control over is the energy we bring to the experience. That is how you make birth beautiful.” – Lael Stone. ⁣

Lastly, for my cesarean birthers I want to share some cesarean affirmations inspired by the book “ A Doulas Guide to Empowering Your Birth” ⁣

⚡️Cesarean Birth is Birth ⁣
⚡️My body is going to heal ⁣
⚡️It takes courage to birth my baby this way
⚡️My body is strong ⁣
⚡️My body did not fail me ⁣
⚡️I am a good mother ⁣
⚡️My worth is not measured by how I gave birth.

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