Covid-19 Rethink Everything

Covid-19 Rethink Everything

“Two months ago, we had the perfect plan. We were organized, prepared, and ready to move forward with our IUI treatments, and we finally had the budget to match it. But, most importantly, we were excited, hopeful, and optimistic about what was to come. Our treatment was going to provide us with invaluable information to help us get closer to growing our family. But then everything changed. COVID-19 unexpectedly devastated the world and stole so many hopes, timelines, and plans.⠀

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed so much, and my heart is still aching for all the loss of life and suffering around the world. Everyday decision-making is now somehow more complex, and it has forced us to re-examine our life and plans for growing our family. My gut is leading me in all sorts of directions, and I can’t help but rethink everything. ⠀

The plan we had originally outlined to grow our family doesn’t feel quite right anymore, and I have no idea which direction to turn. I keep telling myself to take things day by day, and that the right situations will come forward. But like many things, this is hard, and I am struggling to make the right decisions. My mind is racing with all sorts of questions, and my heart doesn’t know what to do. Is it time to focus on embryo preservation? Is it safe to be trying right now? Will fertility treatments be forced to close again in the future? ⠀

It has been so difficult to process everything these last couple of months, and it is challenging to make decisions surrounding fertility, pregnancy, and adoption. I am struggling to understand what’s right for us and how to make these time-sensitive decisions. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, so how are you processing family planning right now? Are you making changes to your fertility plans? How are you feeling? ⠀

Sending my continued love and prayers to each of you. 🌷🙏🏻💕”

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