Going Home in a Pandemic

Going Home in a Pandemic

“We’re going home, Miles Douglas.
It’s a weird world out there right now as we are wearing masks, gloves and getting our temperature taken at several check points while we bring our new baby boy through the halls to exit a hospital that is in the center of a Global pandemic, but we did it!

Leaving the hospital was emotional (probably the hormones) as my nerves set in that we would be bringing this delicate little human home without a clue what to do as new parents but also knowing that no family or friends would be able to come visit us to spoil him with love, watch him grow and help guide us along the way 💔. It breaks my heart not knowing how long that could be.
I know I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without my rock right there who kept me (semi) calm throughout this wild journey. My heart hurts for all the pregnant woman that can’t have their support person with them during delivery and in the recovery room. I received so many messages from woman who are pregnant and cannot have their support person with them. I couldn’t even imagine how I would have gotten through what turned into a scary emergency C-section (a story for another day) to recovering afterwards physically and mentally if I was alone.
Everything from the lead up to my delivery has been a little strange in adjusting to the changes. It’s true what they say when most births don’t go as planned. Especially with the constant changes during this pandemic, it was definitely an adjustment. But I have to say that even with everything going on, I never felt more safe than I did in the hospital during my delivery. The doctors and nurses went above and beyond to make all of us feel comfortable ❤️”

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