Infertility Miscarriage

Missed Miscarriage

“I was hoping the next time Kirk and I would be in a hospital, it would be to deliver a baby. But, yesterday I had surgery at what should have been 8 weeks of pregnancy.
We had what they call a “missed miscarriage” -baby’s heart stopped beating, but I didn’t miscarry naturally, so we chose surgery as to not draw out the process.
It was the deepest, sharpest, saddest pain I’ve ever felt. How do you say goodbye to your hopes and dreams for the future, to the baby that was due around my birthday in September?
As many of you know, we were undergoing fertility treatments, which meant we had already walked through four challenging months of hormones and shots. When the last round of IUI worked, we were over the moon.
It didn’t last. In the space of an hour, I went from being pregnant to not being pregnant. I don’t have the words to describe how deeply this hurts. I’m having a hard time maintaining a single ounce of hope right now. ⁣⁣
It’s going to be a hard season for Kirk and I, but we have felt the love and support from our family, friends, and coworkers over the last week. And for that, we are so appreciative.”

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