Mothering is HARD

“Today has been a day and it’s only 10:47am. Mothering is HARD.
We have good days, really great days, and then those dreadful, hard days. .
As a mama, we are emotional, BUT we somehow keep it together.
Tired, exhausted, BUT we keep going. .
Impatient, BUT still, very patient. .
Overwhelmed, BUT we never quit. .
Worried, BUT always filled with hope.
Doubted, BUT still AMAZING. .
Wonderful, even amidst all the chaos. .
Strong, even when we feel broken. .
We are mothering, the perfect mix of love and chaos.
Sometimes us mamas need to see raw emotions on here.
It’s so easy to scroll through perfect, timeless pictures. And those are great and beautiful.
But sometimes, it’s so important to see real life, messy moments too. We’re all on this journey together! 💙”

Instagram: @heyjaydeplett

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