One Feeding at a Time

“One feeding at a time. That’s the motto I repeat to myself every time I go to feed Raiden. My husband took this photo and I thought it perfectly captured a side of breastfeeding that isn’t often seen.
The past 7 weeks have been such a roller coaster ride for our breastfeeding journey. I’ve dealt with mastitis, being told he has a tongue tie by a LC to only be told he was fine by 3 pediatricians, sore/bleeding/cracked nipples, Vasospasms, clogged ducts, feeling guilty for bottle feeding, feeling alone and frustrated from conflicting advice. I’ve also caught myself dreading his next feeding because I was anticipating the pain then screaming in pain when he latched and thennnn feeling guilty all over again because “I should be enjoying breastfeeding since it’s natural”.
On the flip side of that, I’ve also been able to have days where I have no pain and can actually fully enjoy feeding him, studying every single little detail of his face as he looks up at me. I cry on those days too but they’re happy tears instead. I won’t lie, there’s been times I thought about giving up and just exclusively pumping but something in me keeps telling me to keep trying and remain patient because slowly but surely it’s getting easier. My baby is gaining weight, he’s healthy, my milk supply is still strong and for that I am thankful. So that’s where I am. Every breastfeeding journey is unique and this just so happens to be ours. If you’re going through it too, just know you are seen and you are not alone. One feeding at a time.”

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