“Safe” Zone

“Safe” Zone

“It’s taken me all day to post this… Like most of us I am conditioned to think we only share this excitement when we hit the “safe” zone. Everytime I keep it a secret… But WHY? Why do we not share this excitement? Why do we hide it? No part of being pregnant is the “safe” zone. Every pregnancy should be celebrated!!

Because every pregnancy is part of a mother’s journey no matter what the outcome. I choose today on Mother’s Day to celebrate my journey. I choose to be proud of my body & my heart for trying again. Don’t get me wrong I’ve cried tears of excitement & fear. It’s fucking scary. But I choose today to be excited & grateful that this spirit has chosen me – no matter what the outcome… to those of you who have had a rocky journey so far… You are not alone, there is so many of us out there. Celebrate YOUR journey – it is so damn special ♥️ ”

Instagram: @lasharafluhler

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